Yoga Teacher Training


The Ánanda Márga International Academy (AMIA) (Formerly Ánanda Márga Yoga Academy (AMYA)) was initiated in 2007 as a collaboration between Ánanda Márga Yoga Society of Singapore (AMYS) and the Ánanda Márga Gurukula (AMGK). In early 2010, AMYA got Academy status and is today registered under the Committee for Private Education (CPE) which is a part of SkillFuture Singapore (SSG).

Courses offered: Diploma & Certificate in Yoga Science, Practice and Lifestyle, covers everything expected from a yoga teachers training course, and much more. All the aspects of the student’s personality are developed. Utilizing an integrated curriculum the courses empower the student to be physically fit, mentally evolved and spiritually elevated. The students learn to utilize this capacity for serving the society.

The style of yoga we teach, in AMIA Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Singapore, is known as Raja Dhi Raja (RDR) yoga. RDR is an expansion of the ancient Raja yoga system, also known as Ashtanga yoga. Compare to Hatha yoga, RDR yoga differs in the way the asanas (“yoga postures”) are done. RDR yoga is practiced in a relatively slower pace and each asana is repeated several times in a  structured way. This balance the hormone secretion, stimulates the function of the internal organs, the circulatory system, the lymphatic system and the nervous system. Meditation has also a central role in these yoga teacher training courses.

The trainers in AMIA yoga school are internationally recognized teachers and are highly skilled and experienced in the field of yoga education. Most of AMIA trainers are senior teachers with decades of experience. The Gurukula system of education is the oldest on our planet, tracing its roots back 10,000 years to the time of ancient civilization and dedicated to the highest ideals of all-round human development with a futuristic and ecological perspective and a universal outlook. More about AMIA yoga teacher training courses in Singapore …

AMIA is registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE) which is a part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).  

Registration Number: 201020812K

The registration period is valid for 2 years from 30 April 2021 to 29 April 2023

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“The Committee for Private Education (CPE) was appointed by SkillFuture Singapore (SSG) Board in October 2016 to carry out its functions and powers relating to private education under the Private Education Act. The CPE is supported by a team of dedicated staff from SSG to regulate the sector, provide students services, consumer education and facilitate capability development efforts to uplift standards in the local private education industry. ” More about CPE…